The Three Billy Goats Fluff

Written by Rachael Mortimer

From Scholastic:

A Favorite Fable with a New Twist! In this clever take on the familiar story, children will finally learn the reason why Mr. Troll doesn’t like little goats trip-trapping over his bridge!

Poor Mr. Troll is just trying to get some shut-eye, but noisy little goats keep running across the bridge he lives under. Since Mr. Troll’s new place had been advertised as “Troll Paradise,” he feels a bit shortchanged. He warns the goats that he’ll turn them into stew if their behavior continues. Mother Goat, whose sleep is often interrupted by her little ones, sympathizes with the tired troll and devises a plan that works for everyone.

This hilarious twist on a familiar fable uses different fonts and text sizes to give adults the feeling of how the story should be read; little ones will be entranced by the bright and playful illustrations.